About Us

CEE-MED d.o.o.

Wholesale Medical Supplies CEE-MED D.O.O. with address Garovci bb Hadžići, Sarajevo is a modern, modernly equipped, professionally qualified company with activity in the field of pharmacy and medicine, registered for sale and marketing of medical devices and food supplements.

The main activity is based on the turnover of medical devices and equipment. In addition to our core business, we also provide representation services for foreign pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and drugs registration services, food supplements registration and marketing services independently and in cooperation with our partners. As part of our consulting service, our primary orientation is based on the field of registration and start-up of healthcare institutions in BiH.

Our vision is to provide a specific and complete service, timely and at any place, which means that we can offer each customer group the most acceptable package of services and products for them.

Our wide range of services can equally be of benefit to manufacturers in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry, pharmacies, hospitals, health centers and more. We achieve this through our commitment and experience in the wholesale field, regulatory affairs and continuous field work.

Our goal is to focus on our partners and the specific needs of their business, innovation, creative solutions, the introduction and application of new technologies in the field of healthcare.

  • CEE-MED D.O.O.
  • Medical Business & Consulting
  • Zaima Šarca 34, Sarajevo CENTAR, 71000 BiH
  • +387 33/420-026